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  • Macaca
    02-02 02:37 PM
    What does it mean to say EB2 ROW? What is the reference point of Rest of World? Thanks.

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  • rph20
    07-20 02:38 PM
    Thanks deecha for your response.

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  • redgreen
    11-11 01:07 PM
    The most interesting part of the story is that this person (thunderbolt) is still keeping her as a nanny (if the story is true)!

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  • MerciesOfInjustices
    12-20 07:40 AM
    Great solid show - anurakt, paskal and of course, pappu! And, everybody else as well!
    Just had chance to look up the Forum, in the midst of a major move, and I am impressed!
    Our strength is our motivation & our resolve to never, ever give up!
    Just sent a modest contribution $100, will be pitching in more!
    Let us collect the war chest for the upcoming battles!


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  • dontcareanymore
    08-22 04:46 PM
    I am EB3-I (pd 02 retrogressed) but was interested in this discussion so i emailed my lawyer about it. She said, historically the last month of the fiscal year has the most approvals as they try to clear as much as they can. You will see a lot more approvals from next week or sept 2nd week.

    .......assuming there are still remaining visa numbers. It so happened last few of years that USCIS was sitting on their hands until last month. Is it the case this year ?

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  • howzatt
    07-17 07:21 PM
    Thank you IV. This was a great team effort and everyone should be proud about being an IV member.


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  • paskal
    12-19 03:04 PM
    80 contributors and we are rolling
    c'mon people..............
    give what you can!
    if 20 is it, no shame there, every bit counts and that's not just a cliche
    if you can do more, then by all means please do so.
    we are not even halfway to our financial target and the session begins soon.

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  • wandmaker
    12-03 06:07 PM


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  • sugaur
    12-05 06:21 PM
    If it were for some of the antiimmigrant folks, my friend you (sugaur) wouldn't be here a day longer. you would be "out" in a wink from this country. so dont consider yourself too supportive of anti-immigration. Even citizens are favoring resolving the ilegal immigration crisis by granting some legality to those who are here ilegally. Dont support ilegal immigration but atleast dont bash those who show support to resolving this crisis. you and me are mere temporary visitors here. please remember that your country is not this. you are here seeking prosperity and so are they. this country has a way of dealing with them and us and neither has been satisfactory so far. So my friend why side with one and sound righteous? Sympathy is universal and is shown even to the person going to be hanged. If ilegal immigration was such a big crime then why are the united states citizens debating about granting green cards to 11 million of these people here????? these people are neighbours and have been dependent on each other since ever.let us not meddle in their affairs. they assimilate better into the american culture than us.

    1. I am not anti immigration, I am anti illegal immigration. You may not see a difference between the two but I assure you there is one. And no one can make me leave 'in a wink". Why? Because I am not illegal.
    2. You are wrong in beliveing that majority of Americans want some amnesty for illegals. They dont, although some policticians have clearly made political calculations and believe that the demography of illegal immigrants will favour them in the polls.
    3. You may believe that you are a temporary visitor here. This is home for me.
    4. I just side with what I believe is right. That may sound being righteous to you.
    5. Your sympathy is misguided again when directed towards condemend criminals. It should be directed towards there victims. I am curious, will you have sympathy for Kasab if he is hanged?

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  • frostrated
    08-14 12:08 PM
    Hi Guys.. need someone to answer my question, if possible. Thanks in advance.

    My PD is Sep 2004 ( EB2 India ) and I was also July 2007 filer, and also the victim of my 485 being closed by USCIS nebraska in May 2008, which anyways got reopened within a month after supplying necessary documentation ( Approved I140 and moved to new company etc ) . I work on an EAD now. My question is

    1) My AP is expiring in mid October. Should I file for a AP renewal and spend extra money ? Do I have a chance of getting GC in September ? Btw I was told last year at USCIS newark, NJ office that all the background checks and other things show clear on my case.
    2) I moved my apartment 2 blocks away early this year, but my city and zip code are the same. If I file an AR11 ( change of address ) , will it raise any flags, since I have read on this forum that a change of address sometimes prompts an RFE. I am a bit scared of going through ups and downs, so I just feel like not doing anything which might create any kind of issue after so many years of pain.

    Please give your insight. Thanks so much in advance !
    Jim77, it is highly advisable to apply for your EAD (if it is expiring soon), not neccessarily your AP if you do not intend to travel. You also will need to file your AR11, reason being any government communication is not forwared to the new address. If you were to be approved for the GC next month, it will not reach you as the post office will send it back to USCIS as undeliverable. Filing an AR11 will not trigger any RFE. Maybe if you changed cities, then it might coz there might be a concern on what status you were working on, like if you had an AC21 etc. but within the same zipcode, I dont think so.


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  • aramara
    07-17 08:32 PM
    Thank you for all the help and supporting the immigration related issues!!!!

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  • learning01
    04-19 11:19 AM
    I am sure guidelines for the stories are buried deep and scattered in the thread. For the benefit of all and a good story line for publication in this top US publication, could you once again summarize in bulleted points you are looking for. In the meanwhile, I will research this thread and come up something similar. Also, this will keep this thread in focus. Thanks.
    We need

    1) More stories, preferably non IT or IT if it involves research. Please look at the first post in this thread for the format of the email.

    2) All those who have sent stories in the past to me, please send us your phone numbers where we can call you and also our IV id. We might call you very soon.

    Such opportunities do not come often...we can really be noticed Nationally if we are successful this time and it will help our cause immensely....please help yourselves....


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  • sbind_77
    08-26 01:25 PM

    My PD is current now and my wife is leaving to India this October and will be back only next Feb 1st week.

    I still haven't got any LUD on my 485.

    In case if I get AOS Interview when my wife is not here, is it possible to change the date? or will I have enough time to bring my wife back for the interview. Basically, how many days before u'll get the Interview Letter before your Interview Date?


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  • SM2006
    03-09 01:27 PM
    Pledged for $25, but contributed $50.


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  • bkr
    07-17 09:08 PM
    I thank the IV core and all members of Immigration Voice for their continuous great efforts!

    We have seen this day because of the reslove of the core team and the strength of our fellow members: the flower campaign and the San Jose rally...

    Let there be champaigne and then another campaign :D :p ;)

    Thanks for keeping us informed all the time ! Great Job IV !!

    Thanks again..

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  • villamonte6100
    08-10 10:01 AM
    I'd be happy if I got a second opinion (my lawyer's is the first) on this issue:
    I am ready to file for my AOS(I-485) for the second time based on my employers I-140 petition and would like someone (unitednations ?) to see if there are any possible gotchas.


    #1 May 2001 - Come to US on H1B (California) I-94 valid till Nov 2003
    #2 Oct 2001 - Change employers and get a H1 transfer (California) New I-94 valid till Feb 2004
    #3 Nov 2002 - Fall in love with an American girl
    #4 Dec 2002 - Quit job and move to Michigan to be with girlfriend (Out of status)
    #5 March 2003 - Find job in MI, employers lawyer botches my H1 transfer / extension (Out of status)
    #6 October 2003 - Fall out with employer and quit.
    #7 November 2003 - Marry girlfriend (Out of status)
    #8 April 2004 - Wife files I-130/I-485/I-765 (AOS Pending status)
    #9 April 2004 - Find a new employer "X" and start working for him
    #10 June 2004 - Wife and I have irreconcilable differences and I separate, later file for divorce
    #11 June 2004 - "X" petitions for new H1B for me for FY-2005 starting in Oct.
    #12 July 2004 - leave US and go back to homeland, get new H1 visa stamped with expiration date of June 2007
    #13 Sept. 2004 - Come back to the US with new H1 visa stamp and get new I-94 (exp. June 2007) -----> Fresh start, eh ?
    #14 Nov 2004 - Divorce final
    #15 Dec 2004 - "X" files Labor RIR EB3. PD is Dec 2004
    #16 Dec 2005 - "X" files labor PERM EB2. PD is Dec 2005
    #17 Feb 2006 - PERM labor EB2 approved
    #18 March 2006 - Voluntarily went to local CIS office and withdrew old I-485. Proof of withdrawal obtained.
    #19 June 2006 - EB2 I-140 filed with copy of labor (Still pending) Obtained receipt
    #20 Oct 2006 - EB3 labor approved from backlog center
    #21 May 2007 - File for 7th year H1B extension
    #22 Jun 2007 - EB3 I-140 filed (Still pending). Obtained receipt
    #23 Jul 2007 - H1B Extension approved (new I-94 with expiration of Jun 2008)
    #24 Jul 2007 - Ready to file I-485 concurrent with EB3 I-140

    Since 2004 I have maintained valid non-immigrant status (I think). Will I have any issues with accrual of out of status / unlawful stay based on my actions above ?

    As you can see, mine is not a straightforward case.

    The million dollar question : Based on my actions in steps #4 thru #10, is there a chance that my new I-485 will be adversely affected ? If so, is there anything that anyone can tell me to remedy/rectify the situation to avoid it ?

    Thanks !

    My case has some similarities, except marrying an American and divorce, but I was out of status for a long time and I thought there was no hope at all. One of my former clients offered me a job and sponsored my h1 of course. I went home and have my new h1 stamped and came back. I was out of status probably for more than two years. Now, I just got my receipt for July 2 485 application. My PD is April 2006. I'm read people are talking here that when you re-enter on a new h1, your previous out of status "status" will be irrelevant.


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  • Pallavi79
    04-11 01:22 PM
    1. they have country limit for diversification. >> us(culprit) immigration is broken.
    2. substitution labor >> desi employers(culprit) sold it.
    3. my employer did not file for GC because layoffs couple of years back. >> general public are culprit. they caused our employer to get loss.
    4.other employers filed GC for other people. >> other employers are culprit. they filed GC to retain their employers.
    5.EB2 category : if they do not exist, I would have got spillover visas.
    6.EB1 employers : employers are filing in EB1 category for the same skill set as mine
    7.EB2 employers: employers are filing in EB2 for the same skill set as mine.
    8.Dollar : Seriously. Dollar is a culprit. Last year Dollar value is less. So many foreigners are able to afford dollar and they filed for investor visa. Without that I would have got spillover visas
    9.140 portability : many people are porting 140, PD from previous employer to new employer. They are able to retain old priority dates than me.
    Any others??
    How can I get GC with all these things.

    Folks, this is for your information. not for the argument.

    just kidding. :)
    How about stopping the disscussions which divides the community.

    I can understand the frustration of long wait for GC. The fight is for immigrant and non immigrant visas. Everyone(individuals like you and me), desi employers, desi MNCs, american companies wants to play by rules. The system is not fair. thats the reality.

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  • ras
    05-10 04:18 PM
    Here comes this potatoeater asking for another division based on substitution labor folks and non-substitution folks.

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  • cableching
    08-21 05:29 PM
    That is incorrect for my local ASC. I know that for sure. When I went to ASC for FP I do not think they were capable of answering any case related questions. All they do there is take FP notice , stamp it and do FP. They ask you to goto local office for any questions related to your case.

    Secondly how come the IO had the authority to show an internal memo to a customer. Does it make sense?

    Many are saying there won't be any IO at ASC. Not true, when I went in for Finger prints, I asked the lady who takes the finger prints about enquiring about my I-485 status! She said, she can't help, as she does not have the access and told me to call the 1-800 number and also try asking the IO at the window as there are not many people waiting and is the IO is free she might help.
    SO, after finger prints, I went back into the office and there was only one guy talking to the IO another lady was waiting. I asked the lady, if she was waiting for the IO, she said she is here with her husband. She's an African American lady and her husbandwas inside the Fingerprinting room, I am guessing this as that guy sounded like from Africa and may he's a Family Based visa applicant.

    Aftert the guy at the counter finished his work, I went to the counter as no one else was waiting there. I asked IO, a nice lady, if she could help me with the Status of our Name Check. SHe asked me, if I had an appointment, I said no, but I had a finger print appointment and I could not get an Infopass appointment around the same time (I had finger print appointment at 3 PM and I did try to get an Inforpass appointment around that time so that I could enquire about the status too, but there was none around that time and the closest one was around 12:45 PM, so I thought I would just try my luck).

    She then said, we just received this memo and let me read it and said this supersedes everything and even everything is clear for you nothing will happen, asking me if I was from India/China hesitantly as she could fingure out I was from India, untill new visas are allocated in October. She then took our I-485 receipts and went inside to check the status of our applications.

    I am in Midwest and not all the USCIS/ASC offices treat as bad, as these guys may not have that many applicants coming to the office, like int Northeast or California.

    I had talked to her earlier also, after taking an Infopass appointment, as I had receive someone else's EAD and went to return so that the actual person would get her EAD. Last year USICS had sent some one else's EAD to me, the EAD was some one else's, but the letter it comes with was in my name (I had also received my EAD separately, strange are the ways USCIS works and I don't have to tell the guys at IV). Then also, she check status of our applications and told out namechecks were not cleared and finger prints were cleared. SHe even told, even if my wife's checks are cleared they would not apporve her untill my applications is approved. SO, I had this hope that this lady might help this time without Infopass appointment.

    Hope this helps.

    07-10 02:40 PM
    Senthil has articulated legal basis of current system. However, many members feel agrieved by current situation. My displeasure with current law was based on my perception about principles of natural justice and a dogma that one measure (current provisions) should not negatively impact others basic rights for happiness, equality, nondiscrimination etc. Courts could take a look at how much damege or injury is possible or actually already resulting (stalled careers, family separation, life on hold, creativity-innovation halted) in current system. Atleast it will open up healthy debate and rational measures to address genuine problems.

    Could anybody clarify as to whether counting of family members towards annual quota is mandated by congress or it is an administrative provision.

    Bill Clinton did a wonderful fix by signing AC21 which corrected many shortfalls of immigration law.

    I am personally not impacted by backlog. However, I am feeling bad enough for the failure of current sysem that overlooks human tragedies. 180-day name check fix is a commendable step by USCIS (brought about by healthy debate and do not look at this as court-imposed). As in the scientific world, peer review and criticism is taken seriously in this country. By law suit, we are trying to create peer review or honest analysis about this impasse. No body wins but the truth and humanity.

    If there is any way to open up annual quota (recapture, family members exempt from annual limit or any measure I am not aware of), automatically everybody could benefit. It may be also possible for EB3 to interfile or refile for EB2 and take advantage of old priority date and shorten the wait. there is ot a magic wand. We could help our administrators, law makers and law protectors and law upholders to make appropriate corrections. Hence, scientific and rational dialogue through fair and just means is our focus.

    Let us highlight our difficulties in a logical way. Go about living normal life but stand up for something you believe in.

    Honestly, Ineed to do some research on EB3 situation and see if there is something more meaningful to share with IVians.

    11-28 12:32 PM