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  • kubmilegaGC
    10-28 11:22 PM
    13 years since I landed in this country.....finally, I got the approval email 15 minutes back. I am not sure how to express my feelings (or lack thereof).

    I want to thank the following guys from the botton of my heart.
    1) KubMilegaGC - who gave me support in September or was around for sometime in October to check on my status
    2) SeekerOfPeace, KewlChap and fatjoe - for all the valuable information they have provided. Thank you so much guys!!

    I did the following:
    1) Took around 10 Infopass appointments, with the last one being today morning at 9 AM PST. IO told me that my case was under review since July 2009.
    2) Attorney reached out to AILA liaison
    3) Sent DHS-7001 to CIS Ombudsman
    4) Letter requesting USCIS secretary Napolatino to inquire about the delay in my case
    5) Letter to first lady last weekend requesting to inquire about the delay in my case
    6) Several inquiries were made by Congresswoman on my behalf
    7) Inquiry was made on my behalf by the senator
    8) Opened several SRs - I think around 6 or 7

    As a result, I now have around 30 different responses from USCIS/DHS. Looking at each response, it makes me believe that they have not even cared to look at my case and have just pulled out a response from a standard set of responses.

    I believe what really helped me is a phone call using the POJ method to TSC. I was fortunate to get a hold of a very nice and polite IO. IO walked me through the entire process and to my utter disbelief told me that my case was still sitting in the storage area and collecting dust (this was 2 weeks back). While I was on the phone, the IO sent a request to the folks in the storage area to pull my file out. Luckily for me, the file was in one of the storage areas in Texas itself. Once the file was at the Texas service center, it sat in the holding area for almost a week . It seems like the officer picked up my file sometime at the end of last week or earlier this morning.

    Edit to the post: In hindsight, I think the delay in my case was because I had 4 I-140s (2 from RIR labor and 2 from PERM, one each for EB2 and EB3). I think whenever the IOs looked at my file, they thought that my case was not current. The IO I talked to specifically put in a note for the IO to look at the EB2 140 (June 2004) and not the EB3 I-140 (June 2004) or the I-140s that I have from July 2005. I dont know what to tell my attorney, not sure why they had to file 140s in EB3 for me.

    Once again, thanks to everyone who has supported me to get through this painful process. Last 60 days (since September 1st) have been very painful for me.

    Good luck to all EB2 who are still waiting and to all the EB3 folks, I hope you guys become current soon and get your GCs - I really really admire your patience.

    Keep the faith.....

    My Dear friend - Congrats and welcome to the green club..I guess I can stop coming to these forums now..:) You got it! You did it! and you DESERVE it! you have shown great patience and I could not be more happy for you!

    Enjoy the green - take couple days off and just RELAX.

    Good luck to everyone else who is still waiting.

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  • acecupid
    06-13 07:37 PM
    Jesus! That looks sooo risky. Yes indeed my PD is May 06. Now the question is what if (I know a big IF), but what if, I apply for my 485 (hoping that my 485 will be on EAD/AP for a long time) BUT my 485 gets approved rather quickly and I am not able to marry before that happens -- do I have *any* way to tackle that issue? Or would it then mean that my wife cannot come in US for n number of years after marriage?!

    Jesus Christ! Does anything happen without a twist?! :)

    Lol... looks like then you have to marry an american gori/gora or ABCD. :D Hopefully you will find a partner in india and get married before 485 gets approved

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  • priderock
    05-24 02:01 PM
    Very good times for outsourcing even more !!! The Indian Tech companies must be VERY happy.

    Faulty Immigration Policy (FIP) : I am mighty FIP, I am going to decrease the H1 quota.

    Industry : Okay , well, what can I do :( , Well !! If worker can't come to work.... How about send the work to the worker ?? :) ...Outsource !!!

    Indian IT companies (IIC): We are glad to do the work. We have enough resources to ramp up and ramp down. we can send people on L1

    Things are going well for a while ....

    FIP : How dare they use L1s, I will make it very difficult to them. From now on L1 is tightened...Hehehehehe:D

    IIC: Okay I need people to go to US for knowledge transfer, understand the requirements and implement S/W , let me apply H1s enmasse.... else I may not get a chance..

    FIP : Errr , They are using all my H1s , let me tighten H1s even more, How about I charge $10000 for each person coming in. This must teach them (IICs and those out sourcing) a lesson.

    Industry : I cant find any body here, and it is expensive even to continue my employees who are on H1. I need to off shore more work. Hey IIC , I need some one here for understanding my requirements.

    IIC: Sorry sir, I cant send any one to US because it costs me $10K to begin with , and even if you are willing to pay that , there are no visas to any one. Gates of US are closed.

    Industry: Okay I will send Bill, Dave , Frank and Amy who are our business analysts and managers to India for a month, they will walk you through the requirements and come back again for testing.

    IIC: Okay , Indian Govt will be glad to give them visas.

    India : Good, Instead of my sons going to US and spend all their money there on cars, houses etc, they will earn here and spend here. Other industries are happy too :)

    Many years later .....

    Bill : Amy, we should get there quickly , there are big lines at Indian consulate. Hope we can get in today.



    Hey, priderock ...getup ...its time to go to office.

    Priderock : Was I dreaming ? Good dream though :)

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  • EB3IFiasco
    05-25 09:57 PM
    here is the link
    looks like this bill will not go no where ...there is only 3 cosponsors..:mad::mad:

    This link looks to be from the HR. Menendez bill is in the senate. The text of the bill is not available at this time.|/bss/|


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  • logiclife
    12-09 12:35 AM
    Your list of struggles thru various H1s and GC petitions and writ of mandamus is really long.

    Kind of makes everyone look lucky who havent had to go thru so much as you have been thru.

    Congrats. Enjoy your Christmas gift.

    Your case of the epitome of the broken employment based immigration system in this country.

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  • geesee
    08-14 09:26 AM
    As regards this forum. I never contributed but found this to a good source of information.
    bye bye:)

    pathetic.. what a way of saying goodbye instead of thanking IV for their efforts. You should be thankful more than anyone as you never contributed to IV and got GC with 2005 PD when 2001, 2002 people are still waiting...

    anyways.. all the best.. you really need it with the kind of attitude you have..


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  • Keeme
    07-30 02:13 PM
    Many sites. What kind of alerts are you looking for? Vols? Greeks? You can also customize most of the alerts depending on spreads you might be trading. This is possible even in simple option accounts with Level 4 approval.

    You seems an expert in this option trading. How about microcap stock trading ?

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  • B3NKobe
    06-07 08:19 PM
    Good Job Mette!! :thumb::thumb:!!


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  • husker
    07-19 06:32 PM
    I am sorry, not a computer guy, but can mass mailing for funding alerts from IV be possible to "loyal customers only"? I am not sure I am giving the right idea/ thought. But what I am thinking is lets say this Administrative cost re-imbursment works, can we send to selected 1000- 2000 non-core member like anzerraja or khodalmd (for example) and ask them to send money? Like how these sticky works...just a solid click and send money sticky. Or I dont know ask everyone...see how many people come in and divide the can be 100 or more.

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  • vansvenkat
    12-04 01:21 AM
    This suggestion is very good,There should be some fee to get access( to generate money).

    how about breaking this into multiple levels.

    (1) account maintenance fee: charge $1/month for maintaining the account, members who paid this fee will have read access to all threads except IV core updates. IV can generate $25K a month with this option, this can cover day to day expenses.

    (2) usage fee: charge $??/month for using the IV forums, members who paid this free can post and respond and read IV updates.


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  • HV000
    11-09 08:03 PM
    H1-B has the following advantages under certain conditions.

    1) If you are not yet married, you dump H1 and you are dumping the ability to bring your future wife to US immediately after marriage.

    2) Some states give driving licenses that is valid until the EAD expiry or H1-B I-94 expiry. With H1-B, your hassle of DL renewal is reduced to one third of EAD based.

    Its preposterous that USCIS does not allow LEGAL prospective permanent immigrants using EAD to bring their spouses!!

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  • reddymjm
    09-25 01:52 PM
    Its all right.


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  • chetanjumani
    03-13 08:24 AM

    Logiclife and Pappu are attending a personal matter of utmost importance at this time. WaldenPond (that is me) is here to answer your question and continue to actively participate in the activities of IV along with Logiclife and Pappu. Others names in your list have not been working in IV since long time � 2006. So don't know how to respond to your question about any of the other names.

    Advocacy is a long drawn process and we do not think it is the best interest of our effort to declare on-going advocacy efforts on the forum even when it means that we will not be able to quench the curiosity of some of the members. It will hurt our cause if we continue to announce advocacy effort details on the forum.

    Periodically communicating with members stuck in green card backlog in your community/state takes just couple of minutes in a week and is not demanding at all. This channel takes extremely less time to update yourself with what is going on. So that is the channel we are following at this time to share information. As such we request you to please join the group/team in your local area and use that channel to get the updates. When there is an update that can be shared on the forum, we do post the update for all the members.

    I received my green card in June-07 and shared this information on the forum earlier. There is one other member who received green card in past few months but for the purpose of privacy it is better for the member to have the choice if/when to announce on forum. I hope you understand and appreciate if someone decides not to announce a specific personal information on the public forum. No other member of core team have received their green card and regardless of the fact whether we have received the green card or not, we continue to do everything possible to work on fixing EB green card delays/backlogs.

    Hope this answers your questions.


    Thank You WaldenPond and other core members for sleflessly helping the cause. Your effort is highlt appreciated.

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  • vamsibm
    01-26 10:14 AM
    Please count me in.

    There is No sense is passing a rule/memo like this where the consultant/Employee is affected badly.USCIS changes their views and rules on a need to need basis which should be struck down by the court of law.We as immigriants to US and we have every right to fight this rule and also need to support the need to revoke this rule.

    Even a criminal gets a chance to plea in the court as not guilty,but we dont get a chance beyond the immigration counters.We continue to contribute so much tax dollars and all of that shouldnt go in Vain.People have lives and Families and they can never build or continue the future invested here in US.

    I agree that the rule will make sense for new H1�s or extensions but i dont not agree that it should be passed on people randomly.USCIS should force such a rule on the Employer and not go against H1 Employees.

    This Rule should be taken by employers to implement new standards of practicing consulting and not try to find loop holes in the system.Obviously we should have seen this coming which is ripple effect of all the employers exploiting the Consulting business.

    H1 or EAD or GC ,All Immigrants need to stand united to fight this fight.



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  • misanthrope
    10-03 11:48 AM
    Yes you called sleazy consultants..check your stmnt.
    Ok, clearly you did not read what I wrote or you did not understand it. Here is what I wrote..
    "Well, I don't think gctest is against EB3. He is against consultants from sleazy bodyshopping companies, which is right.". Some one left me a red saying "not all consultants from sleazy bodyshopping companies are incapable." I agree and I never said that. If I came across that way then I apologize.

    Everybody is trying to survive in this world ..diff people react differently to same situation..lying on resume/achievements is not illegal(reason y no body is prosecuted because of this fact..they are simply denied that benefit) however its unethical ..but iam not here to preach ethics.
    VERY valid point. But my question is, do you support it?

    A fictional scenario to check whether you are ready to take advantage of a loop hole if its in your favour.( A nice quote on this -Everybody likes discrimination when its in their favour and they dont raise their voice then)
    Yes, nice quote and very true too. But again, that is not the argument here.

    My point to say all companies lie/manipulate things to certain consultants atleast dont deprive lives like other BIG companies where shareholders are kept in dark until they realize that company is no more worth anything.
    Comparing one wrong doing with another does not justify as an argument. It is actually a logical fallacy. In other words, 2 wrongs do not make a right. Try doing that in the court of law.

    Iam not supporting any malpractises are anything anyways this is not a criminal thing its just immoral ..
    Malpractices are criminal (if law is violated) but a corporation cannot be tried criminally because it cannot go to jail.:)
    You may have noted that I did not bring up morality even though I wanted to because everyone has a different measuring stick for it.

    however if theres a loop hole and people want to chance it its upto them. They will be appropriately denied if they are caught, However its not like they are killing anybody.
    I totally agree with that. Also, I don't think they will be denied because they did not do anything wrong. System provides them with an option for doing so.

    Finally what do you think when even govt is planning to make illegals legals ..its respecting peoples wishes against legal things(ofcourse they get benifitted)Humanity/compassion is number one..rules are for our well being ..they are not hard and fast.
    That's a perspective and again 2 wrongs cannot make one right.

    Check for your reputation here i think it says some thing.
    Yes. It is stupidity by consensus.

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  • satyasaich
    12-07 04:00 PM
    Hope the Change will come for us as well


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  • sri1309
    01-13 09:14 AM
    I had signed in but don't know how to vote. The link you mention below does not work either.

    No more chance to vote. But you can submit your ideas.

    Dear Pappu,
    I wish next time when the window opens for voting, can you please hIGHLIGHT it on the site, so that people who login, can immediately go and vote. Else these guys have time to spend on why airindia sucks, or palestine, or stocks in this site, but not for something more impo.
    I could know only when I checked some post, else even I would have missed it.

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  • nb_des
    06-19 10:33 AM
    As per my research and talking to customer service of few american and india insurance companies, You are partly right that no one covers pre-existing conditions.

    But indian companies like Icici lombard, Bajaj allianz, tata aig etc cover emergency life saving treatment even if it was due to the pre-existing conditions. Which means if one is diabetic, reguler sugar check and doc vists will not be covered but if say patients develops a critical condition (e.g kideny failure etc) then the treatment is covered.

    But american companies do not cover even the emergency treatment.

    Hope this helps

    Is there website to buy insurance from Indian companies? Do they cover emergency treatment for 70+ years old? I have heard it is very difficult to have claim processed through them. Do you have any personal experience?

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  • shishya
    06-13 07:18 PM
    Shishya, I am in the same exact boat as you are. No information in hand bro. Waiting for someone to shed light on this. Will talk to the attorney tomorrow morning.
    Dude, pls do reply in the thread here (or send PM) with *any* info you may get on this one. Will do the same. GL!

    09-17 02:31 PM
    And now Mr.King has another amendment to the the the the the the the the the the amendment...
    Sorry..Jus venting....

    Thats all he does !

    09-17 11:27 AM
    Guys, we have come this far patient...hang in there.